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Eva Gelini

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Glass Collage

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Eva Gelini grew up in a small Catholic-Italian community and received her BA in Liturgical Music while studying organ, piano, voice, and religion. Before becoming a Born-Again Christian in 2017, Eva served as a Catholic musician/director in more than one hundred Catholic churches across the United States, directing thirty-five choirs, ensembles, and cantor programs throughout her 30-year career.

Through the years, Eva has discovered her love of writing while creating poems and other narrative works for friends and colleagues. She enjoys putting her pen to paper and contributing to her blog. In early 2024, Eva published her 1st book Glass Collage, and is currently preparing the foundation for her 2nd book.

Rainbow Bubbles
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Memoir of a single mom's turbulent journey as a liturgical music director. Gaining strength from the devastation, she was led to a place she never dreamed of being.

Glass Collage by Eva Gelini

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Glass Collage by Eva Gelini
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What people say...

Couldn't stop reading about her next adventure. She has faith that God kept opening windows when the door was shut. God's plan is best.

Donna G.

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