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Firefly Stained Glass Collage of a young angel on a journey to heaven


The Full Story

Eva Gelini received her BA in Liturgical Music while studying organ, piano, voice, and religion. In her 30-year career, Eva has served as a Catholic music director, organist, pianist, and vocalist for more than one hundred Catholic churches across the United States. She has directed more than thirty-five choirs, ensembles, and cantor programs.

Eva Gelini Photo

Eva enjoys her church, the gym, playing Mahjong, crafting, reading, writing, dining out, sending cards with stickers, volunteering for local charities, and visiting her daughter, son-in-law, and new grandbaby in Norway. Her weekly fellowship with various Bible Study sessions enriches her faith journey, providing insight into the scriptures to accompany her daily walk with God.

Eva Gelini Blogs
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