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Hooray for Hydrangeas!

Spring is awakening and beginning to display splashes of color and renewal. It’s such a delight waking up to sunshine, hearing the birds chirp, and catching the aroma of fresh-cut grass. With the onset of spring comes the appearance of beautiful plants and flowers.

I’ve decided to venture out to the local nursery and navigate through the rows of new Spring flowers and plants. It’s always fun to explore the tapestry of colors on display. As I stroll along the stone pathway, my eyes immediately spot my all-time favorite: the hydrangeas—such lovely blossoms in various colors.

More than 75 species of hydrangeas exist. Each shrub amplifies in size each year with the proper maintenance. With a little TLC, the hydrangeas will reward you with their stunning blooms. In the Midwest, I tend to plant my hydrangeas in the spring near a shadier space with a bit of sun. Too much sun will singe the leaves. These beautiful flowers require regular watering and should have their retired blooms removed. A simple pruning in the fall helps to allow room for next year’s growth, a satisfying task that sets the stage for another season of beauty. Hydrangeas are a reminder of yet another of God’s beautiful creations.

Hydrangea blooms make excellent gifts as well. A hydrangea shrub makes a lovely gift, but others also delight in a few snippets from your hydrangea display. On many occasions, I have cut a couple of blooms, placed them in a small vase or planter, and dah-dah! Now, you have a unique, handmade gift to share with others. Hydrangeas are not just beautiful; they are also incredibly versatile. They can be the star of your garden, a unique gift, a stunning centerpiece, a part of your flower bouquet, or a conversation piece for your kitchen or bathroom counter. The possibilities are endless, and no matter how you use them, hydrangeas always manage to steal the show.

Here are a few snapshots of my hydrangeas. I'm sure you have some beautiful ones too! I'd love for you to share them with me and tell me about your experiences with these stunning flowers.

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