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Knock! Knock!

Updated: Jul 9

On one of my visits to the Nordic Region, I captured photos of home doorways that caught my attention. While some are centuries old, they are maintained and well cared for. It is captivating to see the various painted colors of the doors. They are a sure winner for those with a shabby chic or farmhouse flare.

While American doorways rely on a traditional design, are usually hollow, and use glass, Nordic doors favor classic designs and are solid and heavy, often made from oak or beechwood. European doors are very secure with a built-in lock system. They have better thermal insulation than American doors and are built to last and survive the harsh, subzero temperatures and the abundance of snow, sleet, ice, and salt ever present in the winter months.

I noticed that the European doors open outward. This manner prevents the weather elements from drifting into their homes. Another unique trait of European doors is the placement of the door handle. Most often, the handle is placed in the middle of the door and offers more security as it is attached to a security panel across the door,

So, what kind of front door do you fancy? I'm a shabby chic gal, so I favor the colorful Nordic doors with flower baskets to further enhance the beauty of the door. Which door would you pick?

" I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved and will go in
and out and find pasture." John 10:9

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