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Eva's Busy Bags!

Updated: Jun 7

Recently, while awaiting surgery on my right rotator cuff to repair a broken tendon, I needed to move to a different residence. Ugh. Due to other commitments, I had already rescheduled this surgery twice before, so I needed to carry on with this surgery date as scheduled. The only problem was that I had one wounded wing (arm).

So, here I am, thrown into this relocation process. My left arm was fully functional, but I had damaged my upper right arm to the point that I could not raise it above my chest. I had to keep it attached to my right side, which meant no heavy toting, nothing over the head, and minimal reaching capability.

I was only relocating a few miles away, so I decided to tackle the move myself with help from a few dedicated, faithful friends. I had two weeks to get as settled in my new place as I could before my surgery and recovery. That was one big task with the restrictions on my right arm.

Since I could not lift anything, I had to deviate from the usual cardboard box or rubber tub method. I wasn’t sure how to execute this plan. But never fear—the Holy Spirit guides us, and I discovered a new method of hauling my goods: the recyclable, reusable, busy bag! You’ve all seen them and probably have them in your closet or pantry. They are available in most retail stores and come in various sizes.

For around one dollar, you can purchase a bag that is decorative, reusable, collapsible, lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to store away. These bags are heavy-duty, challenging to tear, flexible, waterproof, inexpensive, and can accommodate more items and shapes than your average cardboard box.

Because these busy bags are incredibly functional and lightweight, I compiled a list of uses beyond the moving process. Hope they can make your life a little easier like they did mine.

If you have any other ideas for usage, leave them in the comment section below.

"For no one can lay any foundation other than the one we
already have - Jesus Christ." 1 Cor. 3:11

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