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"Glass Collage"

(Signature Presentation)

Due to the rise of sexual abuse cases against priests in 2007, I lost my job along with my home and my car. I was a single mother, and my family was 2,000 miles away; I was devastated and hit rock bottom. In my dark pit, I surrendered my life to Christ and began living in His world, not mine. I received an epiphany, and God led me to a place I never dreamed of. My book, GLASS COLLAGE, is a tribute to my perseverance.



       •  courage to change attitude   

      •  turn negatives into positives

     •  living in a car = transformation




"Bloom Where Planted"

Having moved 32 times, I have many funny and not-so-funny stories about moving, including the six months I lived in my car. After shuffling across the U.S. and completing 32 address changes, I learned to bloom wherever I was planted and to make the best of any situation. My stories bring laughter and, sometimes, tears while bringing hope to embrace the unforeseen place(s) we land. I am living proof that we are all precisely where God wants us to be.



                     • shun the plum

                    • avoid salt pillars

        • a boost to think outside the box

        • a push out of one's comfort zone



"My Cup Runneth Over"

​It’s not easy to be alone. I have always longed to be united with “the right one,” but my failed marriages are testimony that I was living in my world, not God’s. To be blunt, I have said, “I do,” when I should have said, “I don’t”, too many times.  In my last marriage, I found myself in the hospital parking lot as I spiraled towards a breakdown. Three hours later, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I realized the level of toxicity of my marriage and the toll it was taking on me to keep it alive. 
Terrified, I left the marriage and stepped out on my own, totally trusting in God. I prayed that God would have my back, and He did. I accept that maybe God has a different purpose for me.​


                   • find your purpose

             • God always has our back

     • "we" cannot fix everything ourselves


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